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December 21, 2019

Dear SCS parent,

I hope this letter finds you well in anticipation of Christmas and eager to share this beautiful celebration with friends and family. As many of you have heard through the homilies at Sacred Heart, we are encouraging constant Encounters with Jesus through Alpha, Grow Groups and then through Serving others. You have also heard us communicate the Biblical message of tithing and offering to God the first fruits of our labor. We are leading this mission at SCS as well, as we offer Encounter moments in our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Grades K-3), Grow Groups within our youth ministry (Grades 4-6) and Service with Campus Ministry (Grades 7-8). Together, as a united campus of students and parents, we have all been invited and challenged to collectively answer the invitation Jesus has for us.

As we anticipate the 2021-2022 school year (two school years from now) I’d like to bring to your attention a registration fee restructuring. In the past, there has been a distinction between someone who was in parish and out of parish. This distinction was in recognition of the ownership and accountability that parishioners have towards the school. Someone who was recognized to be in parish has been afforded priority over the out of parish student when registering at SCS. This has also led to a cost savings in registration by not having to pay the out of parish fee. These benefits will continue while now including a parishioner tithing qualification. A tithing parishioner will be defined as anyone who gives $250 or more in trackable funds to Sacred Heart or St. Joseph parish from the calendar year prior to registration. For those who do not meet this qualification, a non-tithing fee of $250 will be applied each year to your child’s registration and will be due at registration, beginning in January 2021. For those with more than one child registered at SCS, this fee would only need to be paid once per family. The application of this new fee structure will be as follows:

(1) first student registration fee
(2) each additional student registration fee
(3) non-tithing fee

As many of you currently tithe through an untraceable means such as cash, I wanted to make you aware of this before the new calendar year begins so that you can be honored for the significant tithing that you are already doing. Beginning in 2021, your tithing history will be reviewed each January prior to registration if you claim the benefits of being a parishioner of Sacred Heart. Below are the guidelines on how to have your giving adequately accounted for.
Thank you for choosing to send your child to St. Cecilia. Please join me in praying this Advent and Christmas season that Jesus may reign over all of our lives, especially on our campus.  
In Christ,

Fr. Michael Delcambre
You must be a registered parishioner for your tithe to be trackable. The following methods of giving are trackable. Visit to sign up, to change your automatic contribution, or to learn more.

1.    Envelopes
2.    Credit Card
3.    eCheck
4.    Electronic Funds Transfer
5.    Venmo
6.    Checks

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