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The cornerstone of spiritual formation at Saint Cecilia School is encountering Jesus and, from those encounters, placing Him at the center of our lives. By placing Him at our center, we hope to develop a love for the Catholic faith and the person of Jesus within the hearts of every student, parent and staff. It is from that love that we then are called to live out our faith to others as missionary disciples, just as our patroness St Cecilia did.
St. Cecilia strives to nourish and nurture the spiritual soul of all students through a variety of opportunities and experiences. We begin and end every day united in school-wide prayer. Prayer is an integral part of our growth in relationship with Jesus and can be witnessed throughout the day on our campus. All students and faculty attend weekly Mass on Wednesday mornings. This sharing of the Eucharist unites us and reminds us of Jesus’ ultimate gift to us. 
Throughout the year students are involved in many other experiences such as student prayer services, Living Rosary, Adoration in the school chapel, traditional Way of the Cross, Pro-Life Walk/Rosary, Penance services, Last Supper Reenactment, Living Way of the Cross, retreats (grades 2-8), Live Nativity, seminarian adoption, Mass buddy program, paraliturgies (PreK-K), Youth Ministry (grades 4-6) and Campus Ministry (grades 7-8).

At St. Cecilia we recognize the importance of living with Christ at our center in our daily words and actions. It is by our words and actions that people are able to truly see Jesus within us. We seek to acknowledge those students who go above and beyond to live out the traits that make one “Christ-centered”. The Missionary Disciple Award is given monthly to one student in each class who exemplifies the image of Christ. The highest honors bestowed on our students are given in May — the Missionary Disciples of the Year Award. This is given to two students from each class. These students have shown a great love and devotion to placing Jesus at the center of their life and living out His mission to be faithful disciples.
While there are many opportunities and experiences to be had at St. Cecilia, our most valuable one is still quite simple- encounter Jesus and grow with Him at the center of our lives. It is then that we truly become His missionary disciples.