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Welcome to our Library!

The SCS Library is an extraordinary space brimming with enthusiasm, love, and engaging interactive activities. And, let's not forget our charming, furry library companions—Princess Luna, our Siberian Dwarf hamster, and our two delightful Guinea pigs, Fancy and Peaches. Here, students can relax, solve puzzles, build with Legos, express their creativity through art, enjoy our fidget station, or immerse themselves in captivating books. With over 18,000 books readily available, our library offers an extensive array of resources.

Moreover, we offer Renaissance Learning programs, including STAR Math and STAR Reading, to support individualized learning goals for each student. Our library provides a spacious and welcoming environment with comfortable seating areas for reading, internet access for research and online resources, and student-friendly bookshelves and displays.

At our library, we are dedicated to enriching our students' learning journeys through Renaissance Learning programs. These innovative programs, such as Accelerated Reader and MathFacts in a Flash, deliver personalized assessments, interactive quizzes, and engaging activities that nurture student growth and success. Together, we can kindle a passion for lifelong learning.

The STAR Reading program acts as a guiding light, illuminating the unique reading path of each student. Through continuous assessments and the analysis of individual strengths and growth areas, we establish personalized reading goals and ranges to optimize student development. With tailored support, we inspire a love for reading, one STAR at a time.

Overall, our aim is to create a safe space within our library, allowing students to not only become great readers but also to evolve into their best selves.


Library Resources