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As a mission of Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Cecilia offers an integrated approach that empowers students to excel academically, grow spiritually, and embrace their Catholic identity with passion and purpose. While there are many experiences to be had at St. Cecilia, our spiritual formation focus is quite simple: encounter Jesus and grow with Him at the center of our lives. It is then that we truly become His missionary disciples.

Ways in which we encounter Jesus regularly:

  • Daily morning and afternoon school-wide prayer
  • Weekly Mass 
  • Seminarian adoption
  • Mass buddy program
  • Student small groups
  • Paraliturgies (PreK-K)
  • Student prayer services (grades PreK-2)
  • Youth Ministry (grades 3-5) 
  • Campus Ministry (grades 6-8)
  • Adoration in the school chapel 
  • Confessions 

Special Events we put on throughout the liturgical year:

  • Living Rosary
  • Live Nativity
  • Pro-Life Walk/Rosary
  • Last Supper reenactment
  • Traditional Way of the Cross
  • Living Way of the Cross
  • Retreats (grades 2-8)
  • Grandparents' Day
  • Mass for Dads
  • Mother's Day Mass