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How SCS Utilizes Technology


A vast majority of textbooks are available to students in both online and hard-copy editions.  Many of our textbooks are also consumable, providing students with reflective “write-in” opportunities for their learning.


All classrooms in grades 1-8 boast a one-to-one Chromebook environment for students, while PreK-4 and Kindergarten classrooms offer Chromebook centers. Chromebooks have become an invaluable asset in elementary classrooms, revolutionizing the way young students learn and engage with educational content. Additionally, the controlled environment and robust security features of Chromebooks provide a safe online space for students to explore the Internet under appropriate supervision. This has significantly enhanced the learning process for elementary students by promoting digital literacy, facilitating engaging learning experiences, and preparing them for the technological demands of the modern world. All teachers have opportunities for extensive professional development. 


Every class at St. Cecilia has a corresponding Google Classroom. Classroom acts as a digital hub where teachers can distribute assignments, share resources, and provide timely feedback. It streamlines communication between teachers and students, allowing for a seamless exchange of information. Our educators regularly use this platform to help students stay on top of their assignments.