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St. Cecilia School is a Catholic elementary school which shares in the teaching mission of the Catholic Church.  The school's chief concern is the religious, academic, and personal development of its students.  Christian adult leaders are a vital part of our Christian community.  Our faculty and staff provide a challenging, technology-integrated curriculum, while also modeling for our students the importance of living a Christ-centered life.  Our students are challenged to perform well in the face of rigorous academic standards.

Elementary school education provides the student with the foundation for continued acquisition of knowledge.  In furtherance of this mission, St. Cecilia has established the following objectives through which St. Cecilia strives to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith through instruction that is authentic in doctrine and contemporary in presentation.
  • Provide experiences in Christian living through liturgies, prayer, guidance, service and the interaction of school, family, church and community.
  • Build a faith community in which faculty, staff and students can experience together the reality of a Christian living.  The Christian life reflects prayer and responsibility and freedom reflective of the message of Jesus.
  • Provide for the basic spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, emotional and psychological needs of the individual.
  • Develop an appreciation of our unique heritage in its diversified ethnic cultures.
  • Promote good citizenship through a variety of learning experiences in a social context.
  • Develop communication and cognitive skills through reading, spelling, speaking, writing and listening.
  • Provide real experiences involving problem solving and research.
  • Develop an inquiring mind which has a working knowledge of mathematical problems.
  • Provide opportunities for creative expression through the arts.
  • Provide an enrichment program which to instill and foster, in each child, an appreciation of each student natural abilities.
  • Nurture a positive self image.
  • Guide the student toward developing the ability to accept responsibility and grow toward developing a personal value system based on the teachings of Christ.