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A school day in the life of an SCS student begins with prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and announcements.  In addition to lessons in all core subjects, technology is integrated into our academic environment.  Art classes encourage the students' individual creativity and vision to shine. The school library helps every member of the school community — students and staff-- gain new knowledge, skills and dispositions for learning and personal development that they will use throughout their lives. Students have access to over 10,000 volumes ranging from fiction to nonfiction titles, both classic and contemporary.  Our physical education program provides students the opportunity to develop motor skills, , reinforce their responsibilty for their health and fitness, and engage in friendly competitions such as badminton tournaments.

Recesses offer an outlet during the school day for our youngsters to recharge before returning to the classroom to engage in rigorous, hands-on studies such as investigation, inquiry, research, and analysis.  The Diocese of Lafayette Food and Nutrion Program offers healthy meals to all SCS students.