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St. Cecilia’s curriculum begins with the Louisiana Department of Education’s Grade Level Standards and College and Career Readiness Standards to guide our students in rigorous, purposeful learning. It is further refined and enriched through the individual needs of our students and school in each subject area. The Wonders program is the driving force behind our reading/language program beginning in Pre-K. Renaissance Reading comprises a significant portion of our reading program in grades 1st thru 8th, and contributes greatly to the undeniable fact that St. Cecilia is a school filled with readers in every desirable sense of the word! Our systematic mathematics program begins in Pre-K following a logical scope and sequence through Junior high and is based on rigorous College and Career Readiness Standards.

Administration and faculty are dedicated to the education of every child regardless of his/her learning style and ability level. Faculty members participate regularly in professional development to improve differentiated instruction and assessment.  Teachers creatively implement project-based learning (PBL) activities that accomplish standards and skills in a more relevant, differentiated learning experience as well.   These PBL experiences extend across subject areas and grade levels, offering collaborative learning opportunities as well.