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A vast majority of text books are available to students online and hard copy additions as well.  Many of our textbooks are also consumable, providing students with reflective “write-in” opportunities for their learning.  
Students implement technology in the classroom from the earliest of age and attend lab classes once a week, beginning in PreK.   Integrated technology can be found across the curriculum in every classroom. All teachers have opportunities for extensive professional development.   Each classroom is equipped with student computers and iPads.   All classrooms utilize interactive Smart Boards to implement whole class interactive lessons.   Our Junior High ELA and Science classes are equipped one to one with Chromebooks for technology use daily.  As an extension of the classroom, all classes visit the computer lab a minimum of once per week accessing a variety of application software, educational websites, and multimedia programs to enhance and extend their learning.  St. Cecilia School also has two fully equipped computer labs that service our classes and students.  

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